GIVENCHY Gentleman Boisee Perfume Sample




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GIVENCHY Gentleman Boisee EDT Perfume sample

Givenchy Gentleman boisee perfume samples are original genuine perfume rebottled in vials made available at affordable prices. Givenchy Gentleman boisee samples at Givenchy Gentleman boisee Samples are supplied in spray bottles or a choice of black, silver or gold vial where applicable. Givenchy Gentleman boisee perfume sample is bottled independently of the manufacturer. Checkout our wide selection of other perfume samples

Your choice of travel size spray vial:

2 ml (.06 fl oz) volume with 30 sprays of fragrance (approx)
3 ml (.10 fl oz) volume with 45 sprays of fragrance (approx)
5 ml (.17 fl oz) volume with 80 sprays of fragrance (approx)
10ml (.34 fl oz) volume with 80 sprays of fragrance (approx)

Brand: Givenchy
Type: Eau de Toilette

Givenchy has created a new fragrance highlighting Gentleman’s sensual facet. An eau de parfum born of the encounter between burning wood and noble iris. Between strength and gentleness. The olfactory encounter begins with the spicy contact of black pepper with coriander, followed by a warm embrace between cocoa’s addictive accents and the sophisticated elegance of iris. A sensory experience enhanced by the woody notes of sandalwood and an oriental accord. Revealing a captivating character, this woody-floral-spicy fragrance heightens the sensuality of any gentleman.


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