Mancera Roses Vanille




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Mancera Roses Vanille perfume samples are original genuine perfume rebottled in vials made available at affordable prices. Mancera Roses Vanille fragrance samples at Mancera Roses Vanille Samples are supplied in spray bottles or a choice of black, silver or gold vial where applicable. Mancera Roses Vanille perfume sample is bottled independently of the manufacturer.

Your choice of travel size spray vial:

2 ml (.06 fl oz) volume with 30 sprays of fragrance (approx)
3 ml (.10 fl oz) volume with 45 sprays of fragrance (approx)
5 ml (.17 fl oz) volume with 80 sprays of fragrance (approx)
10ml (.34 fl oz) volume with 80 sprays of fragrance (approx)

Mancera Roses Vanille Eau de Parfum will remind you of the sweet taste of Turkish delight, also known as lokum.

  • sweet aroma of roses and vanilla
  • rich and gourmand Perfume samples
  • feminine and seductive

Composition of the fragrance
The delicious aroma of Roses Vanille opens with the juicy scent of Calabrian lemon accompanied by the sweet aroma of lokum – a sweet, fudge-like substance with sugar, rose water, and bergamot. The sweet, sensual rose note brings out the vanilla, white musk, and cedarwood in the drydown


Gender: Unisex. Male, Female

Additional information
Fragrance Volume

120ml, 2ml, 60ml