Montale Intense Cafe Perfume Samples




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Montale Intense Cafe Perfume Samples

Montale Intense Cafe perfume samples are original genuine perfume rebottled in vials made available at affordable prices. Montale Intense Cafe fragrance samples at Montale Intense Cafe Samples are supplied in spray bottles or a choice of black, silver or gold vial where applicable. Montale Intense Cafe perfume samples is bottled independently of the manufacturer.

Composition of the fragrance
This composition opens with intense notes of fresh coffee grounds accompanied by the aroma of rose petals. Gradually, you’ll notice accords of gourmand vanilla and white musk which give the fragrance a hint of creamy, sugary character. Base notes include delightful amber, once again complemented by notes of coffee.

Story of the fragrance
Introduced in 2013, the unisex Montale Intense Cafe was created by the French niche house of Montale, famous for its love for Oriental and Arabic fragrance.

Apart from a captivating composition, Intense Cafe also sports a very unique packaging. The design of the bottle reflects a simple, clean elegance, underscored by a shiny purple colour. Pierre Montale decided to encase all of his perfumes in aluminium – a material which offers the perfect protection to this Eau de Parfum.

Gender: Unisex. Male, Female

Additional information
Fragrance Volume

100ml, 10ml, 1ml, 25ml, 2ml, 3ml, 50ml, 5ml, 75ml